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Modify Aragon Network Fiscal Year
John Light (@john-light)

AGP-89: Modify Aragon Network Fiscal Year

File changed (AGP-0 or AGP-1)


Link to proposed change

Motivation for making this change

There are several motivating reasons for this change:

  • Having the first vote of the year scheduled just a few weeks after the Gregorian New Year does not allow for a lot of time for preparing and reviewing proposals. By moving the first vote of the year to mid-March we allow for plenty of time for people to settle back into work-mode after the holidays and have their proposals ready by the time of the vote.

  • By putting the last vote of the year in mid-December, we can prepare teams for starting their fiscal year at the beginning of the new year. They will know by the end of the year whether they will have funding for the following year and can plan accordingly. This also aligns fiscal years with calendar years.

  • The day of the week that votes are scheduled to begin on is moved from Thursday to Wednesday so that the vote can conclude on Friday instead of Saturday (as it does now). Since Friday is a weekday, it means that Aragon community members do not have to take time out of the weekend to vote or attend to technical issues that could arise during the vote.

Implementation note

The new vote schedule proposed by this AGP will go into effect immediately if this AGP is approved by ANT holders.

Prior work

This AGP is based on a discussion started by Yalda Mousavinia (@stellarmagnet).


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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