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1Hive Sponsorship Proposal
1Hive Team (@1hive on keybase), burrrata (@burrrata), lkngtn (@lkngtn)

AGP-90: 1Hive Sponsorship Proposal


1Hive is a DAO operating on Aragon. We have multiple initiatives in progress, all of which aim to make Aragon more useful for everyone. Our dream is to support the commons so that open source communities can thrive.

We are a relatively young DAO that only came into existence four months ago. In that short time we have initiated several projects, one of which has gone on to receive a Nest grant.

  • Dandelion - MolochDAO on Aragon (Nest grantee).
  • Apiary - Like a block explorer, but for Aragon DAOs.
  • Flora - Fast, cheap, and secure sidechain for Aragon DAOs.
  • Conviction Voting - Continuous signaling of a DAO's sentiment for proposal funding.
  • Credao - Meritocratic reputation for any DAO or community.

These projects are here today because of the 1Hive community. We have taken great care to design, build, and maintain our DAO so that projects like these are possible. We would like to request a sponsorship from Aragon to support the 1Hive DAO.

This sponsorship is not a request for funding of any of the individual projects listed above. These have been incubated by the 1Hive community and will request additional funding individually when they are ready. We chose this method because want to give the Aragon community more discretion over which projects to support. Our projects will be presented a la carte for ANT holders to review and support individually vs as an all inclusive prix fixe menu.

This proposal is a sponsorship to allow us to keep growing the 1Hive DAO, reward community members, and incubate more early ideas. We feel that this is a happy balance between a core team focused on executing a vision and individual projects that can operate with autonomy.

Address of the transfer recipient

1Hive Mainnet DAO Vault Address: 0x9213737fbb72d8f924fca55d508ae2c004413d64

Amount of the transfers

75,000 DAI

25,000 ANT

Number and frequency of transfers if recurring (enter “1” if only one payment will be made)

Recurring transfers of the amount above, with no expiration date, payable every quarter after each ANV has completed.

Purpose of the transfer

The funds will be controlled by 1Hive's core membership (Bees), with the intention that funds will be used to:

  1. Compensate members for taking on operational and community support roles that the 1Hive organization depends on.
  2. Back Honey (the 1Hive rewards token) so that community contributors that are nominated for weekly allocations have the option to redeem Honey for DAI.
  3. Provide discretionary funding to incubate Aragon related projects that may eventually request additional funding through Nest or the AGP process.

This is intended to be a recurring sponsorship. The transfer amount may be modified or revoked by a subsequent proposal with ANT holder support at each ANV.

Recipient information

1Hive DAO


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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