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Flock Funding for Frame
Jordan Muir (@floating)

AGP-92: Flock Funding for Frame

Address of the Transfer Recipient

We request funds to be sent to our Aragon DAO: frame.aragonid.eth 0xe30b0d5168dfd8d92bc511e814de14e3757c775e

Amount of Transfer

284,000 DAI

50,000 ANT per year for the next 4 years with a 1 year cliff

Number of Transfers


Purpose of Transfer

Frame joining Flock allows us to continue development and support of Aragon-related initiatives. We will continue adding fundamental value to the Aragon ecosystem at the platform layer. We'd like to embark on deeper coordination within Aragon to provide support for any platform Aragon chooses to build on: Aragon Chain, Ethereum, IPFS, desktop, mobile, etc. We’re looking forward to working with current and future Flock/Nest teams to fulfill their needs at this layer and to create a unified effort towards wider adoption. We’ve made it our mission to keep our proposal focused and will over-deliver on our initiatives. We think our vision for adding value to Aragon is compelling and thoughtful. We hope others see the impact we'll have if included in Flock.

Frame being included in Flock gives Aragon the ability to create, iterate, improve, and maintain a path for users to go from zero knowledge, to participating in a DAO. This will be a very important feature for bigger teams, communities, and organizations that want to start using Aragon. Large groups will be able to send out a simple link to all members, allowing everyone to seamlessly get up and running using their DAO without any external support.

We think Aragon is a fundamentally more efficient substrate to organize human effort. As a team driven by the acceleration of human innovation, we’ll always support Aragon here. We believe making the Aragon vision a reality will lead to massive jumps in the quality of life for all humans.

To cover our operation costs, Frame requests:

  • 284,000 DAI to cover 26 weeks of operating costs for 5 full-time employees and contractors
  • 50,000 ANT per year for the next 4 years as an alignment package (with a 1 year cliff)

Read Our Full Proposal!

Recipient Information

Organization: Frame


Name: Jordan Muir

PGP Key Fingerprint: e827 c271 5ab6 f09f f4ca 05a4 4ef2 a2b8 a942 6dca


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