Generate an Aragon environment
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AraGen Build Status npm

Generate an Aragon environment


  • npm
  • git

How to

npm i
npm start

Yes, you are done. Happy hacking 🔥🦅!

If you happen to stop ganache, just:

npm run start-ganache

Using snapshots

The Aragen package published to NPM contains a ganache snapshot that can be used to quickly start a chain with the entire Aragon system ready.

By default it has set up:

  • ENS: 0x5f6f7e8cc7346a11ca2def8f827b7a0b612c56a1
  • APM: ens.addr('aragonpm.eth')
  • AragonID: ens.owner('aragonid.eth')
  • Aragon apps: As APM repos, e.g. apm.getLatest('voting.aragonpm.eth')
  • Beta templates: As APM repos, e.g. apm.getLatest('democracy-template.aragonpm.eth')

To use directly with ganache-cli:

npm install @aragon/aragen
ganache-cli --db node_modules/@aragon/aragen/aragon-ganache -m "explain tackle mirror kit van hammer degree position ginger unfair soup bonus" -i 15 -l 100000000

If you wish to access from code, for example to run ganache-core directly:

const aragonSnapshot = path.resolve(require.resolve('@aragon/aragen'), '../aragon-ganache')


If you need to trigger the CI so a new snapshot is generated and publish to NPM, you need to tag the release by bumping the NPM version and commit to master.

npm version [major, minor, patch]