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The aragonCLI (Command Line Interface) is used to create and develop Aragon Apps, as well as to interact with DAOs (create, install apps, inspect permissions, etc.).

Stable builds 🌳

NPM Docs API stability

Periodically, after some testing has been done, we mark nightly builds as stable. This build is recommended to most people, especially devs that are getting started and not familiar with the stack, or anyone who values stability over the bleeding-edge features.

npm install --global @aragon/cli

To install an older version:

npm install --global @aragon/cli@7.1.3

Stable versions:

Version NPM page Docs Release date
v7.1.3 NPM Docs 2020-03-27

Nightly builds 🌒

NPM version Docs API stability Code coverage Build status

Nightly builds may contain features in their early stages, expect things to break!

Get a sneak peek at the next version of the CLI, and help us making it better in the process! Please try it out and let us know early and often if you find any bugs or regressions. Thanks!

npm install --global @aragon/cli@nightly

It can also be built and installed from the source code:

git clone
cd aragon-cli
npm install
npm run build

Related packages

Package Version (latest/stable) Version (nightly) Downloads
create-aragon-app NPM version NPM version Downloads
toolkit NPM version NPM version Downloads


In the root of the repository, run:

npm run pretest

And then run:

npm test