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All notable changes between stable versions will be documented in this file.


Release date: 2019-08-07 [Compare code changes][v6.2.3]

What’s changed in aragonCLI since v5.9.7

💥 Breaking changes

  • ipfs is no longer installed by default, you need to call aragon ipfs install.
  • aragon apm publish now requires confirmation, use the --skip-confirmation flag to migrate your scripts or CI configs.

🚀 New features

  • Iterate dao act: add --eth-value optional argument (#492)
  • Bump @aragon/aragen to v5.0.0.
  • New command devchain status (#678)
  • New flag --apm.ipfs.gateway used to read APM artifacts from. Defaults to http://localhost:8080/ipfs, but some defaults environment now point to, see environments.default.json (#519)
  • Make go-ipfs optional (#528)
    • Introduce three new IPFS commands: aragon ipfs install, aragon ipfs uninstall and aragon ipfs status
  • Output publish information before publishing when using aragon apm publish (#574)
    • Refactor the whole publish process prompting the user to decide if:
      • Publish the content to aragonPM repo
      • Propagate the content through IPFS (if applicable)
  • Sanity check artifact.json generation and include the deprecated key on artifact.json. This new key have the information of the deprecated functions between different contract version published (#426)
  • New option --prepublish for aragon apm publish to specify whether to run a prepublish script specified in package.json. The script if defined with the option --prepublish-script (defaults to prepublishOnly) (#571)

💡 Feature updates

  • Update aragen & client (#686)
  • Check for existing transactionPath in execHandler (#385)
  • CLI: avoid coercing number arguments from strings to JS numbers (#687)
  • Allow arrays to be passed via --app-init-args (#623)
  • Ipfs cmd refactor (#636)
  • Use all environment on artifact generation (#646)
  • Add gas-price global option (#625)
  • Update the GUI client to v0.7.4 (#519)
  • Update dao install to always show the proxy address (#478)
  • Update dao token new options to use a deployed minimeTokenFactory in Rinkeby and Mainnet as default to save gas (#555)
  • Pass apm opts to @aragon/wrapper (#567)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Handle IPFS not being installed (#696)
  • Fix prepare publish function and publish intent argument (#685)
  • Update command to not hang after finishing (#674)
  • Fix decorateWithAbi function to filter by function type (#666)
  • Fix prepare files function to handle --files correctly (#660)
  • Project name validation (#635)
  • Fix fetch repo option when publishing only content (#654)
  • Revert unwanted change of the default mnemonic (#633)
  • Fix Could not create transaction due to missing app artifact by pinning @aragon/wrapper to v5.0.0-rc.9, see (#519)
  • Fix parsing for booleans, arrays & numbers in several commands (#555)
  • Require artifacts when fetching published repo during aragon run (#332)

🛠️ Maintenance & internal changes

  • Small cleanup (#657)
  • Add isPortTaken function to @aragon/cli-utils (#668)
  • Refactor cli-utils package (#652)
  • Set-up code coverage (#493)
  • Set-up continuous deployment (#513)
  • Set-up some probot apps (#517, #518)
  • Add pre-requisites section to docs (#559)
  • Update with Bounties section 🦅 (#507)
  • Update aragonCLI Roadmap (#504)
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