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Specification for the next versions of aragonCLI

The CLI should package several "core" extensions. The API these extensions expose is aimed at node environments. The aim is to provide convenience to power-users & devs.


├── @aragon/dao (binary: `aragon-dao`, commands: `new`, `apps`, `install`, `upgrade`, `exec`, `act`)
├── @aragon/token (binary: `aragon-token`, commands: `new`, `change-controller`)
├── @aragon/acl (binary: `aragon-acl`, commands: `view`, `create`, `grant`, `revoke`, `set-manager`, `remove-manager`)

├── create-aragon-app
├── run-aragon-app
├── develop-aragon-app
├── @aragon/ipfs-utils (binary: `aragon-ipfs`, commands: `start`, `stop`, `view`, `propagate`)
├── @aragon/ganache-utils (binary: `aragon-devchain`, commands: `start`, `stop`, `deploy`)
├── @aragon/apm (binary: `aragon-apm`, commands: `versions`, `packages`, `info`, `grant`, `publish`)

The CLI should package several "core" extensions. The API these extensions expose is aimed at node environments. The aim is to provide convenience to power-users & devs.

IPFS @aragon/ipfs-utils


  • installing & starting a daemon with the right configuration
  • interacting with local/remote nodes: authentication, configuration, pinning, etc.
  • help setup a "production" node (?)
  • automatically pin anything published to an APM repository (?)

IPFS Binaries

Local node:

  • ✔️ aragon ipfs - Alias for aragon ipfs start

  • aragon ipfs start - Start the IPFS Daemon

    • Should start in the background and then finish
    • Should start with the recommended configuration from $HOMEDIR/.aragon/ipfsconfig.json. E.g.:
       "daemonArgs": [
       "logsLocation": "$HOMEDIR/.aragon/ipfs-logs"
    • Should save stdout and stderr to files, e.g.: stdout-${number}.log in the logsLocation
    • Should warn if it's already running
    • Should error (exit code 1) if it cannot start (missing libs/ports taken)
    • Should inform about where the logs are saved and how to stop it
    • Should run aragon ipfs status and finish afterwards (optional)
  • aragon ipfs stop - Stop the IPFS Daemon

    • Should warn if the node was already stopped
  • aragon ipfs enable-startup - Start the IPFS Daemon automatically at start-up

Local/remote node:

  • aragon ipfs status - Check the configuration of the IPFS Daemon
    • Should print if CORS is enabled
    • Should print which Aragon artifacts are pinned
    • Should print number of peers, repository size
    • Should print which ports are used
    • Should print local ip and public ip
    • Should print bootstrapped nodes
    • If it's a local node:
      • Should print whether 'Run at startup' is enabled
    • If it's not configured correctly:
      • Should ask whether to run aragon ipfs configure
      • or Should error (exit code 1)
  • aragon ipfs configure - Configure the IPFS Daemon
    • Should configure CORS
    • Should pin Aragon artifacts (from ipfs with a fallback to http)
    • Should inform the user about advanced configurations with ipfs config
  • ✔️ aragon ipfs view <cid> - Display metadata about the content, such as size, links, etc.
  • ✔️ aragon ipfs propagate <cid> - Request the content and its links at several gateways, making the files more distributed within the network



  • ✔️ ensureConnection
    • throws if it cannot be established
    • 🚧 auth headers support
  • start


  • isInstalled
  • install


  • hasCORSEnabled
  • enableCORS
  • hasAragonArtifacts
  • listAragonArtifacts
  • pinAragonArtifacts
  • hasAuthEnabled
  • enableAuth


  • ✔️ getMerkleDAG
  • ✔️ extractCIDsFromMerkleDAG
  • ✔️ propagateFiles

Data viz:

  • ✔️ stringifyMerkleDAG

Devchain @aragon/devchain-utils

  • Pre-bundled because (is tiny?)

Devchain Binaries

  • aragon devchain - start ganache with our aragen-generated db

Devchain API

  • ensureConnection
  • hasAragonDeployments
  • deployAragon
  • start -- should save stdout and stderr in some files to be outputted by aragon devchain output

Web3 @aragon/web3-utils

Note: perhaps this is better suited for aragonAPI.

Web3 API

  • getRecommendedGasLimit
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