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The aragonCLI (Command Line Interface) is used to create and develop Aragon apps.


The aragonCLI can be installed from NPM:

npm install -g @aragon/cli

It can also be built and installed from source:

git clone
cd packages/aragon-cli
npm install
npm link

After installing, the main aragon executable will be available for use. It will also install the dao alias which is a shortcut for aragon dao commands.

Global options

Options that change the behaviour of the command:

  • --silent: Silence output to terminal.
  • --debug: Show more output to terminal.
  • --cwd: Project working directory.
  • --use-frame: Use frame as a signing provider and web3 provider.
  • --environment: The environment in your arapp.json that you want to use.
  • --apm.ens-registry: Address of the ENS registry. This will be overwritten if the selected environment from your arapp.json includes a registry property.
  • --apm.ipfs.rpc: An URI to the IPFS node used to publish files.


aragon <command> --environment aragon:mainnet --use-frame --apm.ipfs.rpc --debug


This command will set up an Aragon app project so you can start building your app from a functional boilerplate.

npx create-aragon-app <app-name> [boilerplate]
  • app-name: The name or ENS domain name for your app in an aragonPM Registry (e.g. myapp or myapp.aragonpm.eth). If only the name is provided it will create your app on the default aragonpm.eth registry.

  • boilerplate: (optional) the Github repo name or alias for a boilerplate to set up your app. The currently available boilerplates are:

    • react: this boilerplate contains a very basic Counter app and a webapp for interacting with it. It showcases the end-to-end interaction with an Aragon app, from the contracts to the webapp. Also comes with a DAO Template which will allow for using your app to interact with other Aragon apps like the Voting app. You can read more about DAO Template here.
    • bare: this boilerplate will just set up your app directory structure but contains no functional code.

This is an independent package, it's not necessary to have @aragon/cli installed to use it. npx comes with npm 5.2+. If you use npm 5.1 or earlier, you can't use npx. Instead, install create-aragon-app globally.

The react-kit boilerplate has been deprecated and merged with react boilerplate. Also kits has been deprecated and templates should be used instead.

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