React boilerplate for Aragon applications
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Aragon React Boilerplate

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React boilerplate for Aragon applications.

This boilerplate also includes a fully working example app, complete with a background worker and a front-end in React (with Aragon UI).


aragon init foo.aragonpm.test react

Running your app

Using HTTP

Running your app using HTTP will allow for a faster development process of your app's front-end, as it can be hot-reloaded without the need to execute aragon run every time a change is made.

  • First start your app's development server running npm run start:app, and keep that process running. By default it will rebuild the app and reload the server when changes to the source are made.

  • After that, you can run npm run start:aragon:http which will compile your app's contracts, publish the app locally and create a DAO. You will need to stop it and run it again after making changes to your smart contracts.

Changes to the app's background script (app/script.js) cannot be hot-reloaded, after making changes to the script, you will need to either restart the development server (npm run start:app) or rebuild the script npm run build:script.

Using IPFS

Running your app using IPFS will mimic the production environment that will be used for running your app. npm run start:aragon:ipfs will run your app using IPFS. Whenever a change is made to any file in your front-end, a new version of the app needs to be published, so the command needs to be restarted.

What's in the box?

npm Scripts

  • start or start:aragon:ipfs: Runs your app inside a DAO served from IPFS
  • start:aragon:http: Runs your app inside a DAO served with HTTP (hot reloading)
  • start:app: Starts a development server for your app
  • compile: Compile the smart contracts
  • build: Builds the front-end and background script
  • build:app: Builds the front-end
  • build:script: Builds the background script
  • test: Runs tests for the contracts
  • publish: Builds the apps and the contracts and publishes them to IPFS and APM