Official reference implementation for aragonOS
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This repo contains Aragon's reference implementation for aragonOS.

🚨 Everything in this repo is highly experimental software.

It is not secure to use any of this code in production (mainnet) until proper security audits have been conducted. It can result in irreversible loss of funds.

🦋 We are using Status Open Bounty to reward open source contributions with Aragon Tokens (ANT)

All issues tagged with bounty are eligible for a bounty on a successfully merged Pull Request that solves the issue. Even if the bounty says 0 ANT, if it has the bounty label, it will always be higher than 0 ANT (until we automate it, we may take a bit to fund the bounties manually).

👋 We are tagging tasks that are good first issues so you can get started contributing to Aragon Core.

Don't be shy to contribute even the smallest tweak. Everyone will be especially nice and helpful to beginners to help you get started!


Visit the Aragon wiki for in depth documentation on the architecture and different parts of the system.

Installing aragonOS

npm install
npm test

# Lint needs to pass as well
npm run lint

Using aragonOS for making Aragon apps

npm i --save-dev @aragon/os

(section under construction)


For details about how to contribute you can check the contributing guide on the wiki.