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Reference implementation for aragonOS: a Solidity framework for building complex dApps and protocols
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This repo contains Aragon's reference implementation of aragonOS.

🚨 Security review status: bug bounty

aragonOS 4 has undergone two independent professional security reviews, and the issues raised have been resolved. However there is a bug bounty program for rewarding hackers who find security vulnerabilities. There is a bounty pool of $250,000 USD, you can find more information here.

👋 Get started contributing with a good first issue.

Don't be shy to contribute even the smallest tweak. Everyone will be especially nice and helpful to beginners to help you get started!


Visit the Aragon Developer Portal for in-depth documentation on the architecture and different parts of the system.

Developing aragonOS locally

npm install
npm test

# Lint needs to pass as well
npm run lint



OWNER=[APM owner address] ENS=[ENS registry address] npx truffle exec --network [network] scripts/deploy-apm.js
  • ENS: If no ENS registry address is provided, it will deploy a dummy ENS instance to the network. If the ENS registry is provided, the name aragonpm.eth must be owned by the deployer account.
  • OWNER: The account that will be the initial owner of the APM registry

Adding aragonOS as a dependency to your Aragon app

npm i --save-dev @aragon/os

Check the Aragon Developer Portal for detailed documentation and tutorials on how to use aragonOS to build an Aragon app.


For more details about contributing to aragonOS, please check the contributing guide.

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