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Branch: dev
Commits on Apr 15, 2019
  1. 4.2.0

    sohkai committed Apr 15, 2019
    Release aragonOS 4.2.0
  2. 4.2.0

    sohkai committed Apr 15, 2019
Commits on Apr 14, 2019
  1. EVMScriptRunner: handle no return data from executors (#508)

    sohkai committed Apr 14, 2019
    `EVMScriptRunner` was previously assuming its executor would always return correctly ABI-encoded data of type `bytes`, which are at least 64 bytes in length (32 bytes for position and 32 bytes for actual data).
    Although an underflow here would've simply caused an out-of-gas error on trying to copy too much memory, reverting with an error message is much more friendly.
  2. ConversionHelpers: check length on bytes to uint256[] (#509)

    sohkai committed Apr 14, 2019
    There are publicly exposed interfaces that expect `bytes` and immediately turn them into `uint256[]` (e.g. `hasPermission()` in the ACL and Kernel.
    There might be some cases where the truncation could lead to Bad Things<sup>TM</sup>, like the ACL being tricked into thinking a contract had permission to do something when it actually didn't. We never use the `bytes` form of `hasPermission()` directly ourselves, so this isn't exploitable, but could be if an external contract decided to.
Commits on Apr 9, 2019
  1. test: fix test parameterization variable binding (#506)

    sohkai committed Apr 9, 2019
Commits on Apr 5, 2019
  1. chore: upgrade ganache-cli to 6.4.2 (#504)

    sohkai committed Apr 5, 2019
  2. EVMScripts: check byte lengths, avoid returning unallocated memory, a…

    sohkai committed Apr 5, 2019
    …nd forward error data (#496)
  3. feat: add ConversionHelpers lib for converting memory types (#501)

    sohkai committed Apr 5, 2019
    Consolidates all the bytes<>uint256[] conversions into a library.
    It's not _too_ costly to add, and hopefully makes us all feel a bit better about this bit 😄.
    Also fixes the solidity test runner, which must've broke at some point along the way (due to the assert logs not being decoded properly) 😅.
  4. test: update bytes and address constants (#492)

    sohkai committed Mar 20, 2019
    Updates the tests to use `EMPTY_BYTES` and `ZERO_ADDR` constants (should move these out to a shared lib sometime).
    Also fixes a few instances where we sent an invalid number of hex bytes (usually 1-length bytes like `0x1`; see trufflesuite/ganache-core#283 (comment)).
  5. fix: Use double quotes in contract imports (#494)

    sohkai committed Mar 19, 2019
    * fix: Use double quotes in contract imports
    * fix: add source location of ENS contracts
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