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@sohkai sohkai released this Apr 15, 2019 · 6 commits to dev since this release

Special thanks to @gregzaitsev for helping make this release possible 🎉

ReentrancyGuard: making sure your function can't re-enter

This release includes a generic ReentrancyGuard that comes available with AragonApp. You can safely upgrade to using it, because it utilizes unstructured storage under the hood.

Using the new reentrancy guard is as simple as:

contract App is AragonApp {
    function appLogic() external nonReentrant {

ConversionHelpers: know when you live dangerously

ConversionHelpers has been exposed as a generic utility for some of the more dangerous casts you may perform. Most of the time you don't want these, or they're already handled internally by aragonOS, but maybe you just want to live on the edge.

It currently exposes two conversions: uint256[] memory to bytes memory and back. These modify the memory in-place, so you should never re-use the old variable once you've done the cast. They're named dangerously (dangerouslyCastUintArrayToBytes() and dangerouslyCastBytesToUintArray()), to help you spot these!


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