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Nested organizations #15

sohkai opened this Issue Oct 5, 2018 · 3 comments


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sohkai commented Oct 5, 2018

We've been discussing how nested organizations could be implemented.

We have a few options, including:

  • Adding some hierarchy to the DAO switcher
  • Adding them directly to the left menu bar
  • Some other UI mechanism

Some use cases include pando and TPS.


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stellarmagnet commented Dec 17, 2018

This needs some polish... but i think something like this makes the most sense...

The green dots next to each sub-menu means: there is an open action that you are eligible to participated in (like a Survey or Vote that you haven't cast yet)



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izqui commented Dec 17, 2018

I propose a similar idea as a way to implement nested membership:


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jounih commented Dec 18, 2018

Hi @stellarmagnet , nice ideas here!

Lots to unpack, so I've tried to break down some thoughts.

Identity/Avatar at top

  • I think this is nice! We currently have this at the bottom of the panel, showing a "Connect account" button if you're not connected, and an Address Badge once you have connected your Ethereum provider. I think it could equally work at the top, with the user's avatar image (once we have that metadata from the Identity app). The avatar image feels more human for this purpose than the Address Badge. I wonder if we would need to move the current "Connect account" and global preferences cog from the bottom of the panel (where they currently are) somewhere else... Perhaps they could go to the page the avatar would link to, and become part of the Identity page.

Child DAOs

  • We thought about letting users define their app groups and give titles to them, too! We've also thought about child DAO's, but it comes with it's own can of worms. So first I'd like to understand the hierarchy here better - are "Product committee", "Technical committee", "Association" and "Aragon network" actual child DAOs of Aragon - or "groups" of app instances for specific purposes?

  • If they are child DAOs (and not just groups of apps), how would you manage (create/modify/remove) them? Would they have their own set of permissions, or would the permissions be handled at the parent DAO level? Could parent DAOs become child DAOs (ie. could Space Decentral be added to Aragon as a child DAO?) How many levels of nesting could you have? I appreciate this goes beyond just the UI (and could use some thoughts from @izqui here)

Multiple parent DAOs on the left hand panel

  • I wonder if we would need some additional visual cue to show which parent DAO on the left hand panel is currently selected. Perhaps a slight colour change on the parent DAO listitem? It would be useful when viewing the screens hidden inside the cog icon (Settings, app centre, permissions) to understand which DAO they relate to - since they are not listed as apps on the panel, they don't have the blue bar selected state.

  • I like that in your design you are able to quickly see open actions on the left hand panel across all your parent DAOs. This is a benefit compared to having a Slack style workspace/context switcher (our current DAO switcher). The only drawback I can think of compared to the DAO switcher, where you focus on a single DAO at a time, is that the notification panel behaviour is simpler to handle if you only see one DAO at a time (by only showing notifications from the currently viewed DAO only). We thought about using the notification panel for aggregate tx notifications across all DAOs you have, but thought it may get confusing to have them in a single panel if you participate in 3+ DAOs. Not sure it's a real concern before actually playing around with some real use cases though - perhaps aggregate notifications are fine.

  • How would "Add organisation" work? A screen with a textbox for entering a DAO ENS address into? Do you need tokens in the DAO or can you add any DAOs to your "workspace"?


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