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Use the Access Control List (ACL) to control who can access your app's functionality

How does it work?

The ACL essentially just contains a set of who has permission to execute an action in an Aragon app and who can re-grant or revoke that permission. Most generally, an Entity can hold the permission to call a function protected by Role in an App, and their permission is managed by a Manager, who can revoke or regrant that permission.


Now let's say we have these 3 apps:

  • A Token Manager app, which represents BOB token holders and forwards all their intents to another app
  • A Voting app, which executes any arbitrary action after a voting of BOB token holders passes
  • A Finance app, which controls the funds of the organization
Entity App Role Manager
Token Manager Voting OPEN_VOTE Voting
Voting Finance WITHDRAW Voting

With the simple mapping in the table above, we have done the following:

  • Given permission to BOB token holders, using the Token Manager, to open votes in the Voting app
  • Given permission to the Voting app to withdraw funds from the Finance app

We have achieved a fully democratic way of withdrawing funds in Ethereum!