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The Aragon client
The Aragon client

How the user experiences an Aragon DAO

The Aragon client is a full dapp that can create and manage decentralized organizations by running Aragon apps inside it.

The client provides Aragon app developers with the following capabilities:

  • Sandboxing: The client is running code from third party developers and so in order to mitigate risk (such as cross-site scripting and phishing attempts by manipulating the DOM) we sandbox apps
  • App listing: It traverses the organization to find all the relevant apps for it
  • Transaction pathing: It checks with the ACL to see if the user can perform an action (e.g. withdrawing funds) and if not, it gives the user alternative paths to perform it (e.g. maybe by opening a vote)
  • Human readable transactions: It uses Radspec and describes the user action in a human readable way
  • Notifications: Aragon apps can send notifications to the user when something relevant happens

It looks like this: