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Use forwarders to allow app interoperability and governance

The ACL allows Aragon apps to be interoperable by creating and managing permissions.

For example, a Token Manager app may send an action to the Voting app so if a vote passes the Voting app can withdraw funds from the Finance app.

This is possible thanks to Forwarders. A Forwarder is a contract that, given some conditions, will pass along a certain action to other contract(s).

Below is an extract of our Voting app and is all the code required to make it a Forwarder:

pragma solidity 0.4.24;

import "@aragon/os/contracts/apps/AragonApp.sol";
import "@aragon/os/contracts/common/IForwarder.sol";

contract Voting is IForwarder, AragonApp {
    * @notice Creates a vote to execute the desired action, and casts a support vote
    * @dev IForwarder interface conformance
    * @param _evmScript Start vote with script
    function forward(bytes _evmScript) public {
        require(canForward(msg.sender, _evmScript));
        _newVote(_evmScript, "", true);

    function canForward(address _sender, bytes _evmCallScript) public view returns (bool) {
        return canPerform(_sender, CREATE_VOTES_ROLE, arr());

    function isForwarder() public pure returns (bool) {
        return true;

canForward checks if a caller canPerform the action CREATE_VOTES_ROLE. If it can, it means the caller can create a vote.

forward checks if a caller canForward, and if it can, it creates a new vote with an _evmScript.

This _evmScript is the action that will be executed if the voting passes, which can be withdrawing some funds from a Finance app, for example, but it can be any other action. The action is abstracted and doesn't need to be known in advance.