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Getting started
Getting started

What is Aragon and what does it do

Aragon is a project to empower freedom by creating tools for decentralized governance.

These tools help people freely organize without borders or intermediaries. Instead of bureaucracy, subjectivity, and trust, smart contracts have opened the door to experiment with governance at the speed of software.

The Aragon stack helps you develop software for human organization. From the smart contracts to the user interface, Aragon takes care of the most important pieces of infrastructure to deliver censorship-resistant, decentralized and upgradeable apps.

Example of a decentralized, censorship-resistant, good-looking voting app on Aragon

What you need to get started building with Aragon:

Environment setup

Node version

Make sure you have at least Node v.8.0.


We recommend using the Metamask browser extentsion to send transactions to the blockchain.

Install the aragonCLI

From the command line run:

npm i -g @aragon/cli

Once we have this package installed we can start building DAOs.

Quick start

To create your first DAO run:

aragon init foo.aragonpm.eth

Congrats you have just created a DAO! It’s running on your local network and you can check it out by going to localhost:3001

Next steps

Now that you’ve built a DAO let's take a look at the docs or you can jump into the tutorial.