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All Aragon terminology

  • aragonCLI: Tool for creating, testing and publishing Aragon applications.
  • aragonOS: Framework that enables flexible and upgradeable governance mechanisms by creating and assigning permissions to multiple entities.
  • aragonPM: Decentralized package manager based on aragonOS that handles upgreadability of smart contracts and arbitrary data blobs, such as webapps.
  • aragonPM Repository: Smart contract deployed inside aragonPM that keeps track of the versions for a package.
  • aragonAPI: Standard set of APIs and specifications used to interact with aragonOS-powered contracts by handling transaction pathing, upgradeability, and contract state. Reference implementations in specific languages:
  • aragonUI: Aragon-native toolkit of UI components for decentralized apps.
  • Aragon client: Client to interact with aragonOS-powered decentralized organizations. It implements a signer with transaction pathing, notifications and a sandboxed environment for aragonOS-based apps using aragonAPI.
  • DAO: Stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Here, a DAO means a set of aragonOS smart contracts.
  • DAO Kit: Smart contracts that can be used as templates for creating pre-configured DAOs in just one transaction.
  • aragonID: aragonID is a lightweight identity system using ENS.
  • Aragen: Tool that automatically generates everything that is needed to run Aragon on a local Ethereum chain.
  • Aragon apps: Apps that use aragonOS, aragonAPI, and integrate inside the Aragon client.
  • Access Control List (ACL) The ACL is a mapping of who has permission to execute an action in an Aragon app and who can re-grant or revoke that permission.