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ALP06: Decision Domain Delegation #6

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lkngtn commented Dec 6, 2017

Proposal: ALP06 Decision Domain Delegation

Author(s): Luke Duncan

Last updated: 12/5/2017


In many organizations there are multiple decision domains and users may want to delegate their influence on decisions with a specific domain separately. This proposal suggests assigning proposals to a specific decision domain, and allowing users to choose to delegate relative to specific decisions domains.


At a minimum a successful implementation would enable the following user stories.

  • As an organization, I want to group proposals into decision domains
  • As an organization, I want to limit the authority of proposals that are included in a decision domain (eg, proposals in Domain A are limited to moving at most X funds per month)
  • As a voter, I want to be able to assign different delegates depending on the decision domain of an issue.


Decisions should be made by people who are trusted experts in a specific domain. This is allows for specialization and associated efficiency improvements.

By organizing the decisions to be made, along with limiting the impact a specific decision can have when sourced from a domain, we allow for complex organizational decisions structures, while mitigating the damage that can be caused by decisions in specific domains.

This could enable domains which have budget authority for day-to-day operations, but which cannot make significant decisions without appealing to a different decision domain.


This proposal is heavily dependent on delegate voting. It should be considered in close relationship with other delegative voting proposals.

  • #3 ALP03 Proxy/Delegate Voting
  • #4 ALP04 Delegation Chains

Open Issues

  • Should decision domains be organized into a hierarchy?
    • Doing so would ensure that the average user would not need to make a specific delegation decision at each level, but instead could delegate at the top level only, and their influence in sub-domains would flow through delegation chains.

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luisivan commented Dec 7, 2017

Interesting project to follow on this topic:

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