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FSFL Roadmap

Discovery (10 weeks)

  1. Project kick-off and discovery discussions with Aragon team (1 week)
  2. Identify and consolidate stated critical points (4 weeks)
  3. Gap analysis between land jurisdiction and digital jurisdiction (5 weeks)
  4. Deliverable(s):
    • Summary of initial discovery report
    • List of stated critical points including proposed action items
    • List of relevant land jurisdiction critical points with supporting gap analysis
  5. Fees: $100k

Development (6 months)

  1. Facilitate with US Authorities & coordinate with subject matter experts to develop a recognized digital jurisdiction
  2. Deliverable(s):
    • Consultation reports and analyses from subject matter experts
    • Consolidated findings of reports and proposed criteria for digital jurisdiction
    • Checklist of Aragon action items based on proposed criteria for digital jurisdiction
  3. Fees: $100k

Implementation (5 weeks)

  1. Coordinate with Aragon team to implement actions items per the checklist
  2. Deliverable(s):
    • Testing and go-live of the first interaction/s between a DAO and select land jurisdiction(s)
  3. Fees: $50k