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Giveth DApp Team Biographies

RJ Ewing — Lead Backend Developer

RJ is the current lead developer and architect for backend and smart contracts. His expertise includes Solidity, Javascript, Java, Python, React, Angular, and more… As well as general problem solving.

Commitment: Full time

Socials: GitHub

Griff Green — Researcher & Developer

Griff started his career as a blockchain revolutionary in 2013, when he began educating on Bitcoin, coordinating meetups, and creating online Ethereum educational content. After serving as the Community Organizer on, he co-founded the White Hat Group in 2016, which secured the at-risk funds (~$100 million USD at the time) from the DAO hack and also helped secure $210 million dollars worth of crypto assets in the Parity Multisig Hack one year later. In 2016, Griff founded Giveth to use smart contracts to radically empower individuals and communities to affect real change.

Commitment: Part time

Socials: GitHub Twitter LinkedIn

Adrià Massanet — Lead Auditor

Adrià has over 18 years experience within the areas of security, cryptography and digital identity software development. He has developed software and solutions from coding low-level drivers to designing requirements for building common criteria certified security software, operations for trustee systems as also reviewing designs and implementations for threat mitigation. He is now developing with Ethereum—Go, C/C++, Java & Solidity.

Commitment: Part time

Socials: LinkedIn Twitter GitHub

Jordi Baylina — Backup Auditor, Advisor

Jordi has developed and audited many Solidity smart contracts.

Some notable contracts Jordi developed: Liquid Democracy for TheDAO TheDAO hack contract WHG ETC Withdraw for TheDAO hack. MiniMe token contract ICO contract LiquidPledging contract Solidity Elliptic Curve Library

Some notable smart contracts Jordi has audited: Aragon Token Sale district0x Token Sale Raiden Network Token auction makerDAO Dai Stable Coin

Commitment: Part time

Socials: GitHub Twitter LinkedIn

Satya van Heummen — Front-End Developer

Satya’s experience includes development for,, and His development expertise includes Solidity, React, Meteor, Node, Ember, Angular, and Rails.

Commitment: Full time

Socials: GitHub LinkedIn Twitter

Vojtech — DApp Lead and Product Owner

After finishing masters in computer science Vojtech joined CERN for 2 years where he was in charge of developing solutions for Configuration and Layout section and automation of internal processes. His expertise includes deep understanding of low level languages like C++ or Java, modern high level languages like Javascript and widely used frameworks Spring, React, Angular, Electron, Ionic.

Commitment: Full time

Socials: Twitter GitHub LinkedIn

Contributors — User testing, Front-end and Backend bounties, etc

We use projects like RewardDAO and Status Open bounties to incentivize contributions towards specific tasks or reward contributors that bring a wide and valuable range of skills and capabilities to Giveth as needs arise.

Commitment: Part time