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Scalable Voting Roadmap

Below is a breakdown of work, with ordered dependencies. As parts of the work require specific skillets, not all of the team will be working at the same time - e.g. the implementation phase is dependent on the outcome of the research phase.

Q2-Q3 - Research Phase

  • Month 1:
    • Research possible paths (accumulators, bilinear sigs, threshold sigs).
    • Find most feasible/efficient scheme.
  • Month 2-3:
    • Write report with findings (performance and scalability difference between approaches)
    • Formalize final algorithm/approach into a paper
    • Peer review scheme

Q3-Q4 - Smart Contracts / Infrastructure Phase

  • Month 3-4:
    • Prototype/implement chosen scheme in Solidity (on-chain component)
    • Write userland tools for signature generation, testing
  • Month 4-5:
    • Write supporting libraries, server/relay tools in Python/Go/Haskell (off-chain/infrastrucure components)
    • Write test integration into Aragon app
    • Document APIs and write final specification
  • Month 5-6:
    • Formal audit/review of complete implementation