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Milestone 1 ( Completed )

  • Initial design v1 ( Ethsignals Branding )
  • Research
  • Github auto-re-deploy of EIPs
  • Filtering Mechanism

Milestone 2 ( In Progress )

Two Weeks starting Nov,12

Goal: create website that will show list of EIPs from Github with realtime updates

  • Design v2 ( Tennagraph Branding )
  • Create development and staging environments
  • Setup deployment and testing tools
  • Create worker that get EIPs data via github API

Milestone 3

Two Weeks starting Nov 26th

Goal: give influencers possibility to vote with their stances

  • Create interface that will allow community add stances by adding link to twitter / medium / etc post (public no sign in)
  • Create worker that will get data from media posts and check if posts are available for public
  • Create worker that will dump database with influencer stances to some public github repository
  • Admin portal for moderating community requests.

Milestone 4

Two Weeks starting Dec 10rd

Goal: give voters the possibility to vote with their balances on their ethereum wallets

  • Create interface for voters where they can put their eth address and vote for or against the EIP (use:
  • Add gas voting
  • Create worker that will get information about balance on the wallet through ethereum full node
  • Show statistics about voting on the website

Milestone 5

One Week starting Dec 24th

Goal: Final Deploy and Bug Fixing

  • Security testing
  • Performance testing
  • Deploy to production

Fully Deployed by January 1st

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”