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Aragon Nest Proposal: DAppNode #54

eduadiez opened this issue Jun 28, 2018 · 1 comment

Aragon Nest Proposal: DAppNode #54

eduadiez opened this issue Jun 28, 2018 · 1 comment


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What happens when you’ve got to use a Decentralized P2P network, but securing your own nodes takes a lot of time and effort?

You see what we have now, a Decentralization bottleneck.

  1. At no point in the last 2 years has there been more than 13,000 Bitcoin nodes online and that number got as low as 5500

  2. MetaMask and MyEtherWallet/MyCrypto are the primary wallets used on Ethereum and most users are using these wallets’ default nodes… This is a huge centralizing force in Ethereum.

  3. The people who do run their own node end up having to spend a lot of time, troubleshooting keeping it updated and synced without the ability to easily share their node (and efforts) with family and friends.

DAppNode is creating an infrastructure that addresses these issues and more by building a simple, easy, self-empowering system made specifically for hosting P2P clients for DApps, Cryptocurrencies, decentralized websites, IPFS, and more. Members of the WHG believe DAppNode is an essential censorship resistant tool that will empower everyone to join the decentralized world we are all working towards.

The Desired Final User Story:

Luis has several cryptocurrencies he follows and is ready to stop using his laptop to run clients, but doesn’t want to have to pay a monthly subscription in fiat to some company he doesn’t trust with his private keys.

He hears about DAppNode and decides to buy a top of the line preloaded DAppNode Server (as opposed to buying his own server and installing the software himself) from one of the many certified independent vendors.

It's delivered to Luis’s front door, and when he opens the box he finds a simple 2 step instruction card:

  • Step 1.) Plug in the Server.

  • Step 2.) Go to

On this website there will be an extremely simple walk-thru to set up the credentials and choose which clients to deploy.

By just checking a few boxes Luis deploys his own VPN; gains access to the decentralized version of directly connected to his own node.; Ethereum, Bitcoin, Monero and Dogecoin Full nodes; A ZenCash Secure Node and DASH Master Node; He joined the IPFS Consortium making it possible to pin the files of his favorite projects like Aragon, Giveth, Status and Swarm City among others, becoming a supporter of these projects with a couple of clicks.

Deployed a TrueBit Verifier and Livepeer node; and hosted Giveth, Swarm City, Status, and Decentraland Helper DApps to ensure that his interaction with these DApps cannot be censored and are fully trustless.

Luis then tells his friends and family that he is the admin for his own DAppNode and is able to send them a link to set up their own credentials with access his DAppNode, and Luis can deploy any other DApps that him or his friends and family want to have hosted with a couple clicks.

Even though Luis opted to buy a very powerful DAppNode, he ends up being able to pay off the cost in 2 months with the profits made from his ZenCash, Swarm City, DASH and TrueBit Nodes. He also canceled his VPN and all of his Digital Ocean accounts because now he has his own server that he can host all of his services on. Without even trying, Luis has a couple extra hundred dollars a month because he’s running the many services that incentivize node operators on his own personal server.


August 2017

  1. DAppNode SDK Alpha Release Candidate 1 (DAppNodeSDK 0.1.0-rc1)

September 2017

  1. DAppNode Beta Release Candidate 1 (DAppNode 0.2.0-rc1)

October 2017

  1. DAppNode SDK Alpha Release Candidate 2 (DAppNodeSDK 0.1.0-rc2)

November 2017

  1. DAppNode Beta Release Candidate 2 (DAppNode 0.2.0-rc2)

December 2017

  1. DAppNode SDK Alpha Release (DAppNodeSDK 0.1.0)

January 2018

  1. DAppNode Beta Release (DAppNode 0.2.0)

Grant size

Funding: $90,000 in ETH, split into $30,000 chunks paid out over 3 Milestones.

Success reward: $30K in ANT, given out when all deliverables are ready.

Application requirements

Adviser & Instigator: Jordi Baylina (Solidity Developer, Co-founder White Hat Group, Smart Contract Creater/Auditor)

GitHub | @jbaylina

Commitment | Part-Time

Project Lead: Edu Antuña Díez (Ethereum DevOps and Solidity, Currently on Swarm City Development Team)

GitHub | @eduadiez

Commitment | Full-Time

SDK Lead: DAppLion (JS and Docker, Open Source Contributor for

GitHub | @dapplion

Commitment | Full-Time

Communication Lead: Yalor Tackson (Marketing/Promotion, Team Coordination and Copy Writing)

GitHub | @YalorMewn

Commitment | Part-Time

Adviser: Griff Green (Stratagy/Partnership Facilitation)

GitHub | @GriffGreen

Commitment | Part-Time

Burn Rate

$90,000 for 6 months of development

$51,428 full time team
$38,571 part time team

Legal structure:

DAppNode is a Giveth Social Coding Project and has no formal legal structure, instead it is helping to pioneer the Giveth platform.

Development timeline

Decentralized Websites and SDK for DApps | July - August

Outline methodology for creating Decentralized websites.
Define specification for DPNs (DAppNode Packages)
Outline methodology for creating DPNs.
Develop SDK tools to automate and assist the methodology.
Decentralized installation.

Improvement of DAppNode core, documentation, installation and SDK | September - October

Create a knowledge database, for installation in certain environments as well as for possible problems
Detailed analysis of the core packages, to improve them as much as possible.
Prepare a good documentation for users, administrators
Analyze the feasibility of using other linux distributions to build a more optimal system

Documentation and testing | November - December

Definition of the testing and validation processes of new versions
Strong testing phase
Good documentation for developers
Write technical detail of the project

DAppNode will create communities around trusted nodes that will encourage mass adoption of decentralization

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mariapao commented Jul 9, 2018

Hi @eduadiez thank you for submitting your proposal. After reviewing it, we have decided to consider your proposal for a grant. A solution like DAppNode is so much needed. The next step is to submit a request for funding which in your case is going to be a straightforward step as you have all the info/requirements ready.

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