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Giveth DApp request for funding #44

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@parkwil89 parkwil89 commented May 29, 2018

Team Name: Giveth

Wiki: DApp product definition

Video explanation

Proof of Concept (our current DApp) (The DApp Campaign, with links to everything you could want to know about the DApp) (our DApp’s Repo) (The Aragon Specific Fork for LP) (The current DApp’s LP codebase)

Grant Size

Request for Funds $154,500

Create an AragonAPP version of LiquidPledging and begin testing the UI

  • Estimated Time of Completion: 1st of July
  • $42,750 to be awarded as soon as possible
  • Send the ETH directly to the Giveth Multisig: 0x8f951903c9360345b4e1b536c7f5ae8f88a64e79

Integrate the AragonAPP version of LiquidPledging into current Live Giveth DApp to do more internal testing with a focus on building documentation but with real funds at risk

  • Estimated Time of Completion: Early July 2018
  • $38,750 Awarded when has the Aragon App smart contracts behind it and is bridging -Rinkeby to ETH Mainnet
  • Send the ETH directly to the Giveth Multisig: 0x8f951903c9360345b4e1b536c7f5ae8f88a64e79

Create the Aragon DAC to fund the decentralized development of the Aragon Platform

  • Estimated Time of Completion: Late July 2018
  • $16,000 Awarded when we feel it is safe to receive a large donation on the platform itself
  • Send the ETH to the Aragon DAC itself and then it will delegate it to various Giveth Campaigns proving the system is working!

Research and select 5 external organizations for onboarding to the DApp. Begin training and communicating the onboarding process with each organization to prepare them to join the platform

  • Estimated Time of Completion: Mid September
  • $26,000 Awarded when we have 5 external organizations on the platform (DAppNode and other projects that are run by Unicorns from within Giveth do not count)
  • Send the ETH to the DApp Campaign Directly

Establish detailed testing protocols for the DApp, add features such as ANT token support, full scale documentation of our process and on board 10 more external organizations to the DApp

  • Estimated Time of Completion: Mid December
  • $31,000 Awarded when we have 15 external organizations on the platform (Existing projects that are run from within Giveth do not count towards the above number)
  • ERC20 token support
  • Meta Mask integration.
  • Send the ETH and/or ANT to the DApp Campaign Directly.

Legal Structure: non-legal entity, Governance structure

DApp Development Team

Roadmap: Introduced in video explanation, details in payment request above


Giveth is re-engineering the non-profit funding system, by creating an entirely free, open-source DApp on the Ethereum and Rinkeby Blockchains. Our DApp utilizes LiquidPledging and a series of DACs, campaigns and milestones (described in product definition) to automate away bureaucracy and enable Change Makers (nonprofits, community based organizations, faith-based organizations, social services agencies, etc.) to operate with a high level of transparency and accountability. The DApp’s LiquidPledging smart contract system provides Givers the power to veto fund allocations and even withdraw funds at any point until the moment they are locked in and dedicated to a specific cause. This functionality forms the foundation of the DApp and creates a better world for parties on both sides of a transaction, the Change Makers and those that give to them.

Giveth has been developing our DApp since October 2016 and in May of 2017 the LiquidPledging design was created to better fulfill the systems needs. In late January this year we decided to restructure it as an AragonApp to provide added desired functionality (specifically, convenient access control schemes and upgradability). The goal moving forward is to finish building the DApp, creating an open source environment that will add additional levels of accountability, transparency, decentralized governance and community for users without requiring traditional legal structures.

In recent conversations with the Aragon team we’ve discussed using the DApp to grow the Aragon ecosystem by developing an Aragon DAC. The goal of this DAC would be to decentralize Aragon Development and build the Aragon Community.

The DApp is nearly usable by non-Giveth groups, we are testing the bridge on Ropsten and Rinkeby right now. The Aragon DAC would be one of the first DACs on the platform. The Aragon DAC would utilize LiquidPledging to fund and govern the decentralized development of the Aragon platform. As the DApp evolves and adds greater functionality the Aragon DAC will be able to have its issues addressed and continue to evolve itself.

To finish the DApp and make the Aragon DAC a reality we are requesting funds to cover the development time spent on turning LiquidPledging into an AragonApp, as well as additional funding to cover DApp development for the next 6 months. We have to finish fully integrating LiquidPledging into an AragonApp, migrate the DApp’s user interface and making necessary upgrades to finalize the the DApp.

A full description of our proposal, the work that has taken place and the work that is yet to come is included in our video submission linked above.

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@mariapao mariapao left a comment

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Hi @parkwil89 thank you for submitting the request for funding.

We are reviewing the application and have the following comments/questions:

  1. Regarding the funding for reimbursement, this is something that the funding doesn't cover. We haven't grant such reimbursement to any of the teams and we need to keep the rules consistent and fair to everyone.

  2. Regarding the roadmap, we were hoping to see here a roadmap with milestones and deliverables for each milestones. We don't do lump sum payments but do small payments according to the fulfilment of the relevant milestones and deliverables. When you submitted the proposal for this grant you submitted a timeline and deliverables so maybe we can use those?

  3. Are you guys applying to other grants programs?

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parkwil89 commented Jun 7, 2018

Hi @mariapao thank you for taking the time to review and consider the request. Please find some responses to your questions below.

  1. Understood, please note that portion of the request has been removed.

  2. Please see some updates to the request above to include a more detailed roadmap and payments based on milestones. Let me know if just updating it above was okay or if you would like the information presented in another way.

  3. Yes we will continue applying to other grants but only to expand development further. At the moment this is the only request submitted and future requests will not duplicate the deliverables or funding needs included here.

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Hi @parkwil89 thank you for replying to all my questions and comments. After reviewing the application and the new information added I'm pleased to let you know that we have decided to approve your request for funding. This for sure will speed up the path to the decentralization of the development of the Aragon project.

Next steps: I'll send you an email to schedule a call this week to go over some minor details to close this process and discuss the payouts/disbursements of the grant.

Welcome to nest! :)

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Hi @mariapao we were wondering if you would be agreeable to adjusting the CLA to reflect the GNU General Public License v3.0 : All work, contributions and any background technology developed with this grant will be licensed under GPL v3.0. We feel that clause # 7 does not exactly align with our idea of how the Giveth DApp software will be used.

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Hi @YalorMewn you are talking about the nest agreement, right? Just for me to confirm

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Yes, @mariapao the agreement that you sent over for us to sign Titled:

Aragon Nest Grant Program Agreement Terms & Conditions

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@YalorMewn sure we can modify it to expressly mention the specific license but that clause # 7 allows for you to go GPL ;)

@mariapao mariapao merged commit edcf9fe into aragon:master Jul 5, 2018
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cfl0ws commented Jul 25, 2018

@mariapao @YalorMewn these two links are not reachable/available -

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bingen commented Aug 1, 2018

Yes, I have the same problem with those links. For the first one, I'm seeing this error in the console, in case it helps:

Loading failed for the <script> with source “”

About the second one, although that branch doesn't seem to exist, I see a lot of Aragon stuff in master branch, at least since last February (commit 369e6ae6). Can we assume then than the branch to check is master?

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bingen commented Aug 1, 2018

I think I can answer myself:

luisivan pushed a commit that referenced this pull request Jun 1, 2020
Giveth DApp request for funding
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