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In-flight requests for Aragon Network components that require external security review
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Aragon Association Security Review Pipeline

See Github project for up-to-date information regarding any potential security requests by Flock / Nest teams from external auditors.

The Request for Security Review (RFSR) Process

Step 1: Flock teams submit Security Executive Summaries (SES)

Flock teams will communicate their security needs for a given quarter, by submitting issues with the SES to this repo.

The main things specified in an SES:

  • The components to be audited (contracts, apps…)
  • Some documentation and links to the different components for auditors to evaluate the workload
  • An estimation of the priority of each component with a quick explanation of the stakes

Step 2: Aragon Association Prioritization

At this step, the Aragon Association will review SESs and ask questions in order to establish a prioritized pipeline of all components to be audited.

Requests will be moved from the "New Requests" column to the "AA Prioritization / Review" column.

Before proceeding to the next step, the Aragon Association may request an intra-Network audit of an request to gain better clarity over the request's readiness and maturity for (more costly) external review.

Step 3: Flock Security DAO (TBD: medium term)

An idea was brought up to create a 1-person, 1-vote DAO including team leaders and lead developers from each Flock team (members TBD).

This DAO could be supplied with funds, corresponding to the Network's security budget for a given quarter, and only grant the Aragon Association (or a delegate) the permission to create votes for transferring these funds.

At this stage, requests will move from the "AA Prioritization / Review" column to the "Security DAO Voting" column and have a corresponding vote posted to the security DAO.

Step 4: External Review

Finally, if the voting passes, funds will be used by the Aragon Association to procure an external review for the desired request.

Requests will move from the "Security DAO Voting" column to the "External Review" column.

Following the external security review, requests are considered complete and will have their issues closed.

Holding: Deprioritized

At any time, the Aragon Association may move a request to the "Deprioritized" column to signal that the request has been deprioritized in its eyes.


Any time a request's status changes or more information is required, the Aragon Association will provide feedback in the form of comments in the issue specifying the request's SES.

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