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flame command description

flame command accepts thread sampling data and produces flame graph visualization in form of interactive HTML file.

Command example

java -jar sjk.jar flame -f dump.skj -o flame.html

Options description

>java -jar sjk.jar flame --help
Generates flame graph from stack traces
Usage: flame [options]

	   Default: false
  * -f, --file
	   Input files
	   Default: []

	   Default: false
  * -o, --output
	   Name of generated report file
	   Print parsers available in classpath
	   Default: false
	-tn, --thread-name
	   Thread name filter (Java RegEx syntax)
	-tr, --time-range
	   Time range filter
	-tz, --timezone, --time-zone
	   Time zone used for timestamps and time ranges
	   Default: UTC
	-tf, --trace-filter
	   Apply filter to traces before processing. Use --ssa-help for more details
	   about filter notation
	-tt, --trace-trim
	   Positional filter trim frames to process. Use --ssa-help for more details
	   about filter notation
	-X, --verbose
	   Enable detailed diagnostics
	   Default: false
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