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A demo app to show you how to use MGTwitterEngine with XAuth. Also demonstrates how to migrate from XAuthTwitterEngine to MGTwitterEngine.
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MGTwitterEngineDemo Cleaned up code. Removed commented out XAuthTwitterEngine code. Also … Nov 2, 2010


MGTwitterEngineDemo for iPhone.
by Aral Balkan (@aral,
Copyright 2010 Aral Balkan. All Rights Reserved. 

License: MIT

This demo project shows you how to get MGTwitterEngine ( up and running with XAuth. 

Since MGTwitterEngine now has oAuth/xAuth support, you should no longer use my stop-gap XAuthTwitterEngine in your apps. This demo is a modified version of the XAuthTwitterEngine demo app so it will hopefully show you how to modify your apps to use MGTwitterEngine.

(To give you a project that compiles off the bat, I've removed the YAJL files from the compile sources in the target and I've also added TouchJSON to the project. Otherwise, it's a stock MGTwitterEngine from the latest trunk – currently as of 2 November, 2010.)

If you find this helpful, I would really appreciate it if you could tweet or blog about @feathers_app my Twitter app for iPhone:

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