Retina (@2x) and regular versions of the ‘Fork me on GitHub’ ribbons.
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Fork me on GitHub Retina Ribbons

Over four years ago, Tom Preston‐Werner released his iconic ‘Fork me on GitHub’ banners that we all know and love. I thought I’d update them for high‐resolution displays after adding one to Tally — the new template engine I’m working on for Node.js and browsers — and seeing that it was blurry on my iPad.

I’ve recreated all the original colours (red, green, black, orange, grey, and white) and added a few new ones to boot. I hope you find them useful.

Find all the banners and copy/paste code snippets on my blog post.

PS. I’ve also uploaded the original Sketch file so you can customise them to your heart’s desire.

About the various image folders

/images These are the images you should use. They’ve been through ImageOptim and (lossy compression that maintains the alpha channel). Sample size difference with uncompressed (52kb → 18kb). Overall, the final images are 64% smaller than the original uncompressed exports from Sketch.

/images-imageoptim The images in this folder have only undergone non‐lossy compression.

/images-uncompressed These are the original exports from Sketch.

Copyright © 2013 Aral Balkan. Released under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0: England & Wales license.