A Unity project, that simulates the autonomous cars
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NNDrives - Autonomous Cars and Neuroevolution


NNDrives - Autonomous Cars and Neuroevolution

Bachelor thesis

This repository contains the source code of my bachelor thesis project.

The PDF version of my bachelor thesis titled "Modelling and Simulation of Autonomous Cars in Bi-Dimensional Space" and written in the Armenian language is available here. English version will be available soon. (I hope so :D)


For convenience, the project has its own title: "NNDrives - Autonomous Cars and Neuroevolution".

NNDrives is a Unity project, that allows to create and test autonomous cars. Simulation environment is the bi-dimensional space, that one can see being in a helicopter.

Cars development is done using neural networks and genetic algorithm.


Car is equipped with sensors, each of which measures the distance to the nearest object in the specified direction. Values got from those sensors are passed to the neural network, output of which determines the car's movement. There are two output neurons in the network, one for acceleration and the other for turning. In crossroads car uses the values got from GPS to choose the right direction. After development, cars (theirs neural networks) can be saved to files for future use.


Car sensors



Demo Videos


Thanks to SebLague for "[Unity] 2D Curve Editor" tutorials.