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Sorry for all caps title. :wink:

This is just meant to be a big thank you post/issue. Where I just say thank you for everything!

Thanks for everything! For making this awesome plugin which really is the best currently available. And thank you very much for doing this for free except for the donations (which I will provide when I can). :smile:

Eduan out.


Thank you Eduan :smile: it's truly rewarding to hear such generous feedback for Crayon! I hope you enjoy using it as much (and more) as I enjoyed creating it!


It's the least I can do. :smile:

I will continue to provide you with the best themes, next up, Monokai and Base16 dark/light. :wink:


Awesome! Hope the theme editor helps.


It does! however, a little thing that would make it a ton more useful.

Could we get more example code to work off of? A simple:

class Human {
    private int age = 0;
    public void birthday() {
        print('Happy Birthday!');

Doesn't help out a whole lot. Instead I recommend you use any of these templates provided by the Solarized theme:

Otherwise we miss out on a lot, for example pre-processors I don't know, keywords, statements etc., none of these are in the provided by default.

So just make it have a more complete code example whenever we're editing a theme, outside of that it's not necessary. And while we're at it let us select the specific code we want to test it on. :)

Those are just some of my thoughts. :)


:+1: for Monokai


@excid3 Roger that! Right now once I get better examples I will work on Base16, after that I will implement Monokai. :)

I'll make sure to call out to you once it's finished. :)


That's a good idea. Note that not all languages will have the preprocessing available (e.g HTML) and that you can change the fallback language in the language section and then return to editing your theme. This will change the code in the preview. I'll make sure that the sample code in util/sample is up to scratch and features all the different element types.


That's awesome thanks! I'll be waiting for it, got a list of themes to make. :P


In the latest commit I've added an option to change the sample code:

"Change the fallback language to change the sample code or change it manually."

Click change it manually and enter some code.


I see, I think I'll have to setup up a localhost just for this. :)

If I do get to that I'll give you some feedback, otherwise I'll wait until the new release. :)


This is practically solved. I found a couple of issues though so I'll post them separately. :)

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