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snek it up

Python-Discord code jam 1 entry by Momo and kel/qrie (Team 23)

what is it

A Discord bot that:

  • Finds snek species on the ITIS database 🐍
  • Hosts Snakes and Ladders games in concurrent channels 🎲
  • Imitates your chat history, but with 105% more snekin 💬
  • Lets you hatch snek eggs for your very own snek collection ≧◡≦
  • Draws random sneks using Perlin noise 🖌️
  • Plays snek rattles in your voice channel, on demand 🔊

how u do that

  • Snek lookup: bot.snakes.get('snek name here'), use bot.snakes.get for a random snek type

  • Snakes and Ladders:

    • Create a game using bot.sal create (the author can cancel the game using bot.sal cancel)
    • Others join the game using bot.sal join (players can leave using bot.sal leave)
    • The author starts the match using bot.sal start
    • When a round begins, players use bot.roll to roll the dice
    • glhf
  • Snake imitation: bot.snakes.snakeme

  • Egg hatching: bot.snakes.hatch

  • Snek drawing: bot.snakes.draw

  • Rattle-up your voice channel: bot.snakes.rattle

environment variables

You will need these environment variables to setup mr bot:

  • BOT_TOKEN: The Discord API token for the bot.
  • FFMPEG: A direct path to a ffmpeg executable. If not provided, it will assume the ffmpeg command is in your path.
  • LIBOPUS The name of the libopus library file, located in the project folder. If not provided, defaults to libopus.
    • ffmpeg and libopus are only used for snek rattling (voice comms)

random snek database

In order to be able to find random snakes, you need to use the provided tool to fetch a list of snake names. That list is stored inside a pickle-file that has to be in the project directory when starting the bot.

To generate the pickle-file, you use the tools/ file inside the Pipenv shell:

pipenv run tools\

The output file will be sneks.pickle.

note about libopus

The libopus.dll is compiled for 64-bit Windows only. If you're using a different OS/architecture, you will need to find/compile the library for your system. If the name of the file changes, you will need to provide the LIBOPUS env variable, as described above.

extra configuration

snakes and ladders

It is possible to configure Snakes and Ladders to use your own board. Simply overwrite the res/ladders/board.jpg file and adjust the res/ladders/ file accordingly:

  • BOARD_TILE_SIZE: The size (width/height) of each tile on the board, in pixels
  • BOARD_PLAYER_SIZE: The size of each player icon on the board, in pixels
  • BOARD_MARGIN: Tuple (x, y) for extra margins on the board, relative to top-left corner
  • PLAYER_ICON_IMAGE_SIZE: The size of the user avatars to request from Discord. This should be a power of 2 (e.g. 32, 64, 128...) and should be higher or equal to BOARD_PLAYER_SIZE.
  • MAX_PLAYERS: The maximum amount of players this board can support (i.e. how many players can you fit in each tile, at maximum capacity)
  • BOARD: Dictionary[int, int] that defines the "shortcuts" in the board (the snakes and the ladders), in the form from: to.


To change the rattle sounds, put audio files in the res/rattle directory and modify the RATTLES list inside res/rattle/


Winner of PythonDiscord code jam #1 (March 2018)







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