Amiga 4000 Daughter Board recreated
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This is a recreation of the Amiga 4000 Daughter Board made from ground using the A4000 original schematics. It includes all the Zorro slots and also include a VGA 15khz output connector to use with a VGA metal bracket. The ISA ports has been removed from the design.

This work great on all the Amiga 4000 versions, except of course the A4000T.


This is a work in progress, several testing must be made but it should work as is. I take no responsibiltiy for any damage to any equipment that results from the use of this board. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

I will try to add more features to this DB when I can. The idea is to have a good DB replacement or a better one if you don't have any.

Gerbers are on the gerbers folder. Remember to say to your favorite pcb service that is a good recommendation to make bevel cut on the edge connectors (knows as 45º chamfered border)

Important! If you like this project, buy me a beer or a Mercedes Benz SLR whatever you want :) -


Vga bracket


21/08/2018 Initial release.

Bill of materials

Part Value Package
C1 100NF 1206
C3 100NF 1206
C5 100NF 1206
C600 220uf/16v E2,5-7
C601 220uf/16v E2,5-7
C602 220uf/16v E2,5-7
CN6 2-5530843-2 in half SLOTVIDEO
CN600 2-5530843-2 SLOT_100
CN601 2-5530843-2 SLOT_100
CN602 2-5530843-2 SLOT_100
CN603 2-5530843-2 SLOT_100
CN621/CN622 2-5530843-2 in half SLOTVIDEO
FAN 1X2 1X2
FB1 2512061517Y3 FB1206
H1 2X8 2X8
IC1 7407D SO14
IC3 74HCT32D SO14
IC5 74LS08D SO14
J2 15-24-4441 15-24-4441
R601 470 1206
R603 470 1206
R600 1k 1206
R602 1k 1206
R605 1k 1206
R606 1k 1206
R607 1k 1206
R608 1k 1206
R610 1k 1206
RP602 4610X-104-221/331LF RESISTOR_ARRAY_10
RP603 4610X-104-221/331LF RESISTOR_ARRAY_10
RP604 4610X-104-221/331LF RESISTOR_ARRAY_10
RP605 4610X-104-221/331LF RESISTOR_ARRAY_10
RP606 4610X-104-221/331LF RESISTOR_ARRAY_10
RP607 4610X-104-221/331LF RESISTOR_ARRAY_10
RP608 4610X-104-221/331LF RESISTOR_ARRAY_10

Note: For the videoslot you need to dremel a 100 pin connector in half in order to put it on place.