An ArangoDB Foxx Hello-World Demo Application
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An ArangoDB Foxx Demo Application

Foxx is an easy way to create APIs and simple web applications from within ArangoDB. It is inspired by Sinatra, the classy Ruby web framework.

"hello-foxx" is the hello world example for Foxx. Its description file can be found in the applications folder.

  "description": "This is 'Hello World' for ArangoDB Foxx.",
  "author": "Frank Celler",

  "versions": {
    "1.2.0" : { "type": "github", "location": "fceller/hello-foxx", "tag": "v1.2.0" }

The description file is a JSON document with the attributes:

  • description: a short description of the application
  • author: the name of the author, an email address, or a twitter handle
  • versions: a list of available versions

In order to install this application into your local ArangoDB installation, you can use the foxx-manager like this

foxx-manager install hello-foxx /hello

This will download the application into your local installation of ArangoDB (which must be up and running) and mount it under the path "/hello".

If you now visit


you should see a nice fox.