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ArangoDB is a universal open-source database with flexible data model for documents, graphs, and key-values. Build high performance application using a convenient sql-like query language or JavaScript/Ruby extensions.

Key features include:

  • Schema-free schemata let you combine the space efficiency of MySQL with the performance power of NoSQL
  • Use ArangoDB as an application server and fuse your application and database together for maximal throughput
  • JavaScript for all: no language zoo, you can use one language from your browser to your back-end
  • ArangoDB is multi-threaded - exploit the power of all your cores
  • Flexible data modeling: model your data as combination of key-value pairs, documents or graphs - perfect for social relations
  • Free index choice: use the correct index for your problem, be it a skip list or a n-gram search
  • Configurable durability: let the application decide if it needs more durability or more performance
  • No-nonsense storage: ArangoDB uses all of the power of modern storage hardware, like SSD and large caches
  • Powerful query language (AQL) to retrieve data
  • It is open source (Apache Licence 2.0)

For more in-depth information


Please check the wiki for installation and compilation instructions:

Mac OS X Hints

On Mac OS X you can install ArangoDB using the packagemanager Homebrew:

  • brew install arangodb (use --HEAD in order to build ArangoDB from current master)

This will install ArangoDB and all dependencies. Note that the server will be installed as


The ArangoDB shell will be install as


First Steps

Start the server:

> mkdir /tmp/vocbase
> bin/arangod /tmp/vocbase
2012-03-30T12:54:19Z [11794] INFO ArangoDB (version 1.x.y) is ready for business
2012-03-30T12:54:19Z [11794] INFO Have Fun!

Start the shell in another windows:

> bin/arangosh
  __ _ _ __ __ _ _ __   __ _  ___  ___| |__  
 / _` | '__/ _` | '_ \ / _` |/ _ \/ __| '_ \ 
| (_| | | | (_| | | | | (_| | (_) \__ \ | | |
 \__,_|_|  \__,_|_| |_|\__, |\___/|___/_| |_|

Welcome to arangosh 1.x.y. Copyright (c) 2012 triAGENS GmbH.
Using Google V8 JavaScript engine.
Using READLINE 6.1.

Connected to Arango DB Version 1.x.y

arangosh> db._create("examples")
[ArangoCollection 106097, "examples]

arangosh>{ Hallo: "World" });

arangosh> db.examples.all();
[{ _id : "82883/1524675", _rev : 1524675, Hallo : "World" }]


Please note that this is a very early version of ArangoDB. There will be bugs and we'd really appreciate it if you report them:

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