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This dataset is taken from the IMDB service

Before you start please make sure you do not have collections named: imdb_vertices, imdb_edges and you do not have a graph called imdb These will be overwritten by the importer.

To import the data execute the following on your bash:

 unix> ./

You will then have the following two collections:

  • imdb_vertices Containing all Movies, Actors, Directores etc. and Genres of movies that can be used for traversal.
  • imdb_edges Containing the relations between the vertices, who-acts-where, movie-has-genre etc.

Furthermore you have the graph imdb using both collections.

The above import uses dumps of the collections. In order to recreate the collections from the source file hero-comic-network.csv, you can use

 unix> cat import.js | arangosh
 unix> arangodump --collection imdb_edges --collection imdb_vertices