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  • PlotWindow, when imported by Soar brains, is now a class, rather than a function wrapping a class. Previously, Soar decorated the PlotWindow constructor with a function; now it is a proper class, and indistinguishable to the brain from the PlotWindow it subclasses and wraps.
  • Fixed #10 by forcing PlotWindow methods to run on the main thread, including when creating new instances. This should fix issues in window managers that don't behave nicely when Tk methods are called from a 'foreign' thread that isn't the Tk mainloop.
  • The update checker no longer breaks if either the Soar version on PyPI or the local version are development (.devN) releases. Previously, it would silently fail.
  • Previously, 'all files' in the file dialog select would only allow selecting of files with extensions. This has been fixed.