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Lists of most wanted core features, native library bindings, and modules for Perl 6, along with the research that helped us select them.

Why do this?

To kickstart active use of Perl 6 for a broad range of tasks, we need to provide a "distro" release that includes modules covering many common needs not met by the standard Perl 6 setting. For a while now this effort has been led by Rakudo Star, but (as of early 2013) it is far from complete; too incomplete in fact to be useful for any but early adopters.

To make a distro release useful for "early majority" users, the existing modules need to be filled out (documentation, better error handling, etc.), and many more modules need to be created (or ported from Perl 5) to fill existing gaps. This repo's goal is a gap analysis: a listing of what we have, what we need, and what's blocking module authors from filling all the gaps.


Once a module, feature, or binding has been constructed, rather than removing it from the document here in which it appears, instead mark it as such and provide a date and link for the item.