Unrar library ported to iOS (deprecated, consider use https://github.com/abbeycode/UnrarKit)
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The main goal of this project is provide a port of Unrar library to iOS platform.

Currently we have two projects:

* Unrar4iOS

This project makes easy to build the unrar library as iOS static library.

* UnrarExample

This project give to us an example about how to use unrar in a iOS application.

Feel free to contribute with enhancements.


Please open Unrar4iOS on XCode and build it, the framework package will be generated on build folder of project, copy it to a folder of your project  and add as existing framework to your project.


Since this Unrar4iOS is cpp based library you will need to change the extension of classes that uses Unrar4iOS to .mm it will allow us to include  libstdc++ on linking stage, otherwise you will need to add libstdc++ as linker flags in you application.


Vicent Scott (vkan388@gmail.com)