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A port of stb_easy_font.h to Unity/C#.

Primarily for the cases where you need some simple text, but don't want to use built-in Unity's UI/TextMesh/GUIText for whatever reason. In my case, I needed some explanatory text on screen for automated graphics tests, that would never change if/when our font system changes.


SimpleTextMesh component: TextMesh equivalent (3D positioned text in world space)


SimpleGUIText component: GUIText equivalent (screenspace pixel-size text)


Unity version

This project is built with Unity 5.1.1, but generally the code should work in pretty much any version. I think :)

Code Quality

Code was just whipped together in a hurry ("throwaway prototype to validate idea" state right now), not much comments or robustness. Use at your own risk.


This software is in the public domain. Where that dedication is not recognized, you are granted a perpetual, irrevocable license to copy, distribute, and modify these files as you see fit.