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hlsl2glsl Change Log

2013 11


  • Fixes to some global variable initializers.

2013 09


  • Avoid producing variable names with double underscores.
  • "const static", "static const" qualifiers work now; as well as "static" and "const" on function return values.
  • Fixed PSIZE semantic translation.

Earlier stuff

  • Made it build with VS2010 on Windows and XCode 3.2 on Mac. Build as static library.
  • Feature to produce OpenGL ES-like precision specifiers (fixed/half/float -> lowp/mediump/highp)
  • Fixes to ternary vector selection (float4 ? float4 : float4)
  • Fixes to bool->float promotion in arithmetic ops
  • Fixes to matrix constructors & indexing (GLSL is transposed in regards to HLSL)
  • Support clip()
  • Support Cg-like samplerRECT, texRECT, texRECTproj
  • Support VPOS and VFACE semantics
  • Fix various crashes & infinite loops, mostly on shaders with errors
  • Cleaner and more deterministic generated GLSL output
  • Unit testing suite
  • Simplified interface, code cleanup, unused code removal, merge copy-n-pasted code, simplify implementation etc.
  • Added support for emission of const initializers (including struct and array initializers using GLSL 1.20 array syntax).
  • Removed all constant folding functionality as it was completely broken.
  • A myriad of smaller bug fixes.
  • Support DX10 SV_VertexID, SV_PrimitiveID and SV_InstanceID semantics.
  • Support for shadow sampler types (samplerRECTShadow/sampler2DShadow etc.) which generate appropriate shadow2DRect/shadow2D etc. calls.
  • Fixed unaligned swizzled matrix access & assignments (view._m01_m02_m33 = value)
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