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@@ -31,7 +31,8 @@ Used in Unity and bitsquid engines, and some other studios -- seems to work quit
> **Note**: As of mid-2016, the project is unlikely to have any significant developments. At Unity we are largely moving to a different
> shader compilation pipeline, with hlsl2glslfork mostly not used. So from my side there won't be significant work done on it.
-> You might want to look into [HLSLParser]( instead maybe?
+> You might want to look into [HLSLParser]( or [HLSLcc](
+> or [glslang]( instead.
Support for DX11 features might or might not get added due to the bad condition the original code is in (very obscure and inefficient), instead maybe a new cross-compiler will be made. Someday. Maybe.

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