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0.2, 2017 06 27
Massively speed up execution time for large & 64 bit binaries, by changing the symbol processing loop (Lionel Fuentes)
Improved progress reporting; percentage printed now (aras)
0.1.7, 2017 02 13
Add support for VS2013 and VS2015 DIA SDKs (Brian Smith)
Undecorate C++ names in reports (db4)
0.1.6, 2014 03 15
Add support for VS2010 and VS2012 DIA SDKs (ryg)
0.1.5, 2013 04 23
Converted project files to VS2010 (aras)
0.1.4, 2010 10 14
Convert projectfile to vs2008 (lucas)
Add support for reading vs2008 generated pdb's (lucas)
0.1.3, 2008 01 17
Fixed a crash on some executables; IDiaSymbol2::get_type may return S_ERROR (aras; reported by Ivan-Assen Ivanov)
Print a dot for each 1000 symbols read. Some executables spend ages inside DIA dlls
0.1.2, 2008 01 14
Added support for VC8.0 DIA DLL (ryg)
Added support for loading DIA DLLs that are not registered; drop msdia*.dll into app folder (ryg)
Split up "data" report into data and BSS (uninitialized data) sections (ryg)
Fixed some size computations (ryg)
Strip whitespace from symbol names; often happens with templates (aras)
0.1.1, 2008 01 13
Improved error messages (aras)
Removed unused source files (aras)
0.1, 2008 01 13
Initial release