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docs Add charlie guide Aug 31, 2018 Update readme indicating all logos are given away Aug 31, 2018

Thanks for the support everyone. All logos on this batch are given away for now. If you are a designer and interested in contributing to second batch of logos:


Hello software people 👋

I designed these free logos for your open source projects.

You can claim any, community will decide which project should get it.


  • To claim a logo, you need to have an active open source project.
  • One logo can be only given to one project. This project will have all exclusive rights of the logo.
  • Every logo has one github issue that you can introduce your project to and claim.
  • Community can upvote your comment and you can upvote other projects as well under these issues.
  • Starting from 1st of July August, I will give one logo per day until the end of month according to these upvotes.

Claim your logo


You can become a patron from PATREON


Sticker Mule is offering a $75 credit to those projects who claim a logo.