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i-app framework; Build mobile apps with simple HTML, CSS, and JS components.
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i-app makes you able to build mobile native apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components.

Web Structure

Getting started

  • Clone the repo with git clone or just download the bundled CSS and JS
  • Read the docs to learn about the components and how to get a prototype on your phone
  • Check out examples

Take note that our master branch is our active, unstable development branch and that if you're looking to download a stable copy of the repo, check the tagged downloads.

What's included

Within the download you'll find the following directories and files, logically grouping common assets and providing both compiled and minified variations. You'll see something like this:

├── css/
│   ├── i-app.css
│   ├── i-app.min.css
│   ├── i-app-theme-android.css
│   └── i-app-theme-android.min.css
│   ├── i-app-theme-ios.css
│   └── i-app-theme-ios.min.css
├── js/
│   ├── i-app.js
│   └── i-app.min.js
└── fonts/
    ├── i-appicons.eot
    ├── i-appicons.svg
    ├── i-appicons.ttf
    └── i-appicons.woff

We provide compiled CSS and JS (i-app.*), as well as compiled and minified CSS and JS (i-app.min.*). The Ratchicon fonts are included, as are the optional Android and iOS platform themes.


i-app's documentation is getting ready as soon as possible by Arash Ataei and Fatemeh Darvishi (


All events about i-app framework wil be up on Telegram @iapp_framework.


For transparency into our release cycle and in striving to maintain backward compatibility, Ratchet is maintained under the Semantic Versioning guidelines. Sometimes we screw up, but we'll adhere to these rules whenever possible.

Releases will be numbered with the following format:


And constructed with the following guidelines:

  • the release after editting major and minor.

For more information on Arash Ataei's official website or on his Telegram official account @arashataei.


Arash Ataei


i-app official Telegram Channel

Created by Arash Ataei, Fatemeh Darvishi.


i-app framework is licensed under the MIT License.

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