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Listé – Productivity Made Easy

Table of Contents


Welcome to Listé, a simple and open-sourced to-do list app for everyone.

Whether you're a developer or user using the app, I'd love to add on the number of parties involved in this project. I plan to cater to all; however, I'm only focusing on developing the app in this current point in time. If you're a developer and wish to contribute, check out the Getting Started section below.

Getting Started

Thanks for your interest in trying out this project! The explanation on how to get started is fairly long, so I've moved it to the wiki. Check it out to get started!


If you need help with anything related to the project, I recommend opening a new issue in the Issue Tracker page. Following GitHub's Open Source Guide, it is strongly advised against privately communicating.

What's Ahead

Listé is an existing project, and subsequently a version 1.0 (latest 1.0.3) exists. While the App Store contains the app, the app is currently unusable at this point as I'm rewriting the code. Here's what I plan for the next few versions, starting from version 1.1.0:

Listé 1.1.0

  • Reintroduced user interface. I've taken the design of version 1.0 and redesigned the interface a little, making the app more usable and available to more features.

Listé 1.2.0

  • Collaborative Lists. A simple, innovative way to share a List with people.
  • Local storage. Version 1.0 emphasises a mostly online structure, unnecessarily using data to sync with the online database (Firebase). In the new version, I'm only making Collaborative Lists (a new feature) store data online; everything else uses UserDefaults or other forms of local storage.


Please review our Contributing Guide for detailed elaborations of the how and what to contribute.

This project is accepting contributions. If there's something broken or something you'd like to add, fork the repository, create a branch and create a pull request once you're done working.


I'd want to thank everyone who spends their time and effort in contributing to this project. Eventually, you'll see that your efforts made something worth.


This project uses the MIT license.


☑️ An open-sourced to-do list app made for everyone.




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