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Table of Contents


Welcome to Upgrade, the app for students to better understand their academic accomplishments.

Whether you're a student or someone just interested in FOSS projects, I'd love adding on the number of users in this project. I plan to cater to all; however, I'm only focusing on developing the app in this current point in time. If you're a developer and wish to contribute, check out the Getting Started section below.

For designers, stay tuned for details coming soon!

Branch v2.0

The branch you are currently in is the v2.0 branch; all code related to the re-write of Upgrade is included here and kept separate from the v1.0 branch to avoid conflicts.

  • To view the source code for version 1.0, jump over to the v1.0 branch.
  • To view the branch with a release history, jump over to the releases branch.

Getting Started

Thanks for your interest in trying out this project! The explanation on how to get started is fairly long, so I've moved it to the wiki. Check it out to get started!


If you need help with anything related to the project, I recommend opening a new issue in the Issue Tracker page. Following GitHub's Open Source Guide, I strongly advise against privately communicating.

What's Ahead

Upgrade is a prototype app that I created about a year ago; now, I'm recreating it as a usable product that's free for anyone to use up in GitHub (that is, if anyone wants to use it). I don't have much goals for this project, but if you feel like you'd like to add something, I encourage you to do it!


Please review the Contributing Guide for detailed elaborations of the how and what to contribute. This project is accepting contributions. If there's something broken or something you'd like to add, fork the repository, create a branch and create a pull request once you're done working.


I'd like to thank everyone who spends their time and effort in contributing to this project. Eventually, you'll see that your efforts made something worth!


This project uses the MIT license.


πŸŽ“ An app to help students understand their academic accomplishments better.





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