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In an attempt to make applying to jobs more productive and less soul-sucking I decided it would be cool if I tried to automate the process. The JobBot application consists of multiple parts:

  1. ApplicationBuilder:
    1. This class will generate a custom message and resume (Not implemented) based on the job description given
    2. It will attempt to answer additional questions that the job application requires
  2. Bot:
    Bot is an abstract class that implements a bunch of methods that are common between all the Bot classes.
    Currently there are 3 bot classes:
    1. IndeedBot: Uses IndeedAPI for searching and fills out the applications using Selenium
    2. AngelBot: Manually crawls through job listings using Selenium and applies to them
    3. LinkedInBot: Manually visit recruiter's profiles in the hope that they visit my profile and give me a job


  • AngelBot was actually super easy to implement and effective since all you needed to apply to a job was to click a button.
    • I really believe that adding an additional note to each job based on my template and keywords ironically differentiated me from crowd of people mindlessly applying to jobs
    • I got my job at Ravelin through an application by AngelBot!
  • IndeedBot was probably the most fun to design and to play with as it proved really challenging to automatically apply to jobs on the site.
    • However they do provided a API for searching through job listings, so I didn't have to build a web crawler for that portion
    • Many job applications on Indeed require answering generic questions before you could apply, which means I had to build a database of the questions I stumbled upon.
    • I also expanded on this by using NLP and edit distance algorithms to automatically answer very similair questions I had never seen before.

Required Files:

You need these files for the application to work properly:

  • "blurbs.json" - This file contains the keywords and text that are used to generate a custom message
    • The way it works is you specify keywords or tags that will trigger a blurb to be inserted into your custom message, if they are in the job description.