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This project is no longer maintained. Check out anachronistic/apns instead.


This Go package provides a client that can establish a connection with the Apple Push Notification service and deliver notifications to end users based on a device token. This package has been implemented according to Apple's documentation (available at ever changing/breaking URLs).



go get


Create a Client and connect to the APNs

client := apns.NewClient(apns.SandboxGateway, // or apns.ProductionGateway
    func(invalidToken string) {
        // called when we try to send a notification to an invalid token
        // You should delete the token from your db by disassociating it with
        // the user you tried sending the notification too. When this is called
        // it means the person either uninstalled your app or has switched to
        // a new device.
err := client.Connect()
if err != nil {
    // handle the connection error

Create a Notification

n := apns.NewNotification(aDeviceToken)
n.Alert = "Hello, user!"
n.Badge = 1
// optionally, include app data ('aps' element of notification json)
n.AppData = map[string]interface{}{"sound":"tada", "Foo":"Bar"}

Send the Notification